The Legend Of Vinica Castle

At the time of the Turkish threat, an Uskok took refuge in Vinica under the pretext of fleeing from the Turks. He pretended to be a Christian and a friend, but in reality was a Turkish spy! When the people of Vinica found out, they quartered him.
Then, one day, the Turkish cavalry appeared on the Croatian side of the Kolpa river, and a small group of people from Vinica fled to the Žeželj hill to visit the church of Sv. Mary to find help. They walked around the church, as in a procession, and prayed for protection. The Turks who saw this procession thought that a large army had gathered and so they fled the area. In gratitude to Mary, the people of Vinica decided to make a pilgrimage to Žeželj every year, which is now a ritual they still do today!